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The LollipopsThe finest blends of guitar music in just one pill. Noise-pop band hailing from Olsztyn, Poland.


About the band

The LOLLIPOPS are hard to be assigned to a single genre. This does not mean the musical clutter and indecision. Precisely determination in the sticking to their own climate is what specifies The LOLLIPOPS. The climate is on the one hand guitar-driven sound, taking handfuls from almost classic now alternative standards, and on the other hand, almost cinematographic tension and anxiety in the melodic, but not necessarily happy songs. The songs by The LOLLIPOPS sometimes resemble the postcards from the American roadside bars, sometimes they are rousing hits for a dance floor full of rude adolescents, and also there are the songs that go from the ethereal melodies to the guitar noise.

After the release of their debut album and playing several gigs with this repertoire, the band took to the preparation of the material for the second studio album. The new songs are more varied, searching and exploring other areas of rock and roll music. Increased focus on the rhythm of the songs makes it become more emotional, almost intimate, but still with the claw, to which the band has accustomed their fans.